World Series Of Poker Apps: – Win A Chance To Las Vegas Right From Your Home

It is very serious for an actor to be nominated for the academy award; similarly winning a seat at the world series of the poker is like icing on the cake. This is the reason why poker players do their best to achieve this feat in whatever way it is possible. More than 8,000 poker players compete for the amount in the pot.  The price of the jackpot is eighty million dollars and sometimes it is more than that. It is very good that we are having internet available today otherwise it would not have been possible. There are lots of poker related websites from where you can win a chance to enter in the WSOP. WSOP app Today poker enthusiasts have increased the chance of winning as poker apps area also available for your mobile phones. This app is available on iTunes from where you can download and also win a free trip to the Las Vegas including the main event and hotel with which they can compete with the others in WSOP. The great news is that you will get new and improved app available now with plenty of features. There are some amazing features and improved game play that will take your poker experience to the next level. If you are already having  previous app then transfer it to the new app and see the difference for yourself, with this you will be able to play  from where you left for the last time. You will also get a bonus of 1,000,000 dollars chips. Here are some of the authentic features explained of the new app

  • With this new app you can get an official Vegas experience right from your home. If you are good at Hold’em, then try your hand and plenty of others for free.
  • With this pap you will get confidence to indulge in big bets, you will be able to improve your game with the most widespread stats tracking in the game.
  • Every  hour you will get an opportunity  to collect  free chips
  • You can play this game right from where you are and  join the WSOP tournament
  • You can invite your friends for playing the game with you, win chips playing slots anywhere at night, early morning whenever you like.
  • There is an option available for the guest mode, rock the table and play anonymously.

These are some of the new features which you are going to get with the new app. the app has been also updated to the new version. Download this amazing app and play all the way to Vegas with just one app. You can also win a free trip to Vegas playing on this application. The new version is much more improved and you will like to play with this app. You can download the app from the official website or iTunes for the apple phones.  Download this app and compete with the professionals to play like a pro. There is a huge chance of getting a chance to enter WSOP.

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