New BSNL SMS Plans Effective from January 2013

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has revised its SMS tariff effective from January 2013 and withdrawn its existing SMS packs. They launch 5 new SMS Packs for its 2G and 3G GSM subscribers of Rs 12, 24, 31, 52 and 83.

The changes are made in accordance with new TRAI policy, according to new telecom policy a termination charged will be charged on the sender and thus the plans are created accordingly to meet the change.

These SMS tariffs will be applicable till first 100 SMS per day and subscribers will be charged at 50 paisa per SMS or base tariff whichever is higher beyond 100 SMS per day as per latest TRAI regulation. The subscribers can thus send 100 SMS for 0.5 Rupees only and additional charges will be charged after the limit of 100 SMS per day.

bsnl new sms packs 2013

All these above plans will be effective from 1st January 2013. Also you can activate these message offers via SMS.

[icon name=icon-bullhorn] Rs 12 SMS Pack – Send SMS STVSMS12 to 53733

[icon name=icon-bullhorn] Rs 24 SMS Pack – Send SMS STVSMS24 to 53733

[icon name=icon-bullhorn] Rs 31 SMS Pack – Send SMS STVSMS31 to 53733

[icon name=icon-bullhorn] Rs 52 SMS Pack – Send SMS STVSMS52 to 53733

All the SMS plans are applicable for both 2G and 3G prepaid users of BSNL.

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  1. Hello,

    The above SMS offers are very bad & worst. good for previous plans. now we change another networks becoz they are offering affordable plans.

    K.V. Rajesh
    Prominere software Solutions Pvt.

  2. Y the messages r costing soon much
    Y not atleast 100free msgs per day!!!
    Very worse providing service

    • Airtel have a better sms pack than this, for Rs.31 3000 Local SMS Free (Max.100 SMS/day) 30 day validity. Please contact Airtel customer care and confirm this plan is still available.
      Thanks Catherine.

  3. earlier it was very good 23 and 33 for 30 days and later it was for 15 days that too 1000 sms and now it’s the worst……y they r implementing such changes i dont understand

  4. I am using BSNL, Idea, Reliance.
    I feel that network wise BSNL and reliance are better than Reliance.
    But reliance is having very good sms packs coasting Rs 19/month,
    enable you to do sms at 5 p/sms.
    Also it is having 20 p/min call charges (all local and national) at STV of 149 for 3 months for gujarat circle.

  5. BSNl, please change the offers or else more people will prefer other networks.100 sms per day is ok…..but the costs are too much.

  6. Lots of Hatred………. Wat d hell, How disgusting Packs are those. .. Days of Texting are gone from BSNL now..

  7. The plans renewed have become too costly to afford…am also planing on changing the network….previously
    all the offers were beneficial, and now it has become a burden…

  8. i was a loyal bsnl customer from past 6 years but now i have to turn faces ..i am left with no choices ..y dont someone file a rit in court against frequently changing plans all sukzz

  9. By Shreyas,
    Which SIM provider provides the best msg pack ???
    I have been using BSNL fr 4 years but now the plans really suck!
    please can you give some good tip for a provider with good SMS packs ??

      • ok, thanks ! 😀
        btw, i am messaging STVSMS12 to 53733 but i get a sms from BZ-CCare saying –
        “Dear customer, your request is not in correct format, please send in correct format” !
        So is there some mistake ? i mean do v have to give space in between STVSMS12 somewhere or it is continuous !?
        thanks ! 🙂

  10. these offers are not suitable for youth……
    bsnl once again proved it’s a govt employes network only…………

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