How to Find The Best Mobile With Limited Budget

When it comes to choosing the best smartphone, there are two important criteria- budget and specs. Some may look to buy a top-end model with all the latest features and improvements while many others may stick to a device that best suits their pocket. Though budget phones do compromise in few areas but they still are the most popular category that entices every brand to keep experimenting for more.

How to Find The Best Mobile With Limited Budget

Gone are the days when a good handsome smartphone would burn a hole in your pocket. With Chinese smartphone makers offering great deals at relatively competitive prices, the entry-level segment has been thronged with great devices for use. Companies like Xiaomi, Meizu, Lava and Lenovo have a host of mobile phones that can give other companies like Samsung and HTC, a run for their money.

Let’s make a simple checklist as to what should be your preferences while choosing the best budget smartphone.

Budget- The first and the most important criteria while buying a new phone is obviously the budget. Your budget is in turn governed by your choice of brand. If you are looking for high-level specs from a top brand then it is bound to cost you more. But if you are ready to forego brand name and look mainly at the specs then you might end up with a good phone at a decent price.

Though entry-level phones do offer most of the latest specs at decent prices they still tend to give up on a few mandatory requirements which can be a deal breaker for many. Mobile phones below 8000 fall under such category and with increasing price, you can expect better features. But even within 10000, you will still get a whole lot of features which wasn’t the case a few years back.

Specs- Once you have decided your budget, you need to look at the best mobile which has most of your required specs. The first is the screen size and the display resolution. In most cases, for a budget phone, you will have a 5″ inch screen with an HD screen and average sharpness. This is a good option as the phone will easily fit in your palms and be legible even when you are outdoors.

The next important spec is the processor. You can easily get a quad or octa core processor at this range with an average battery of about 3000 mAh. This enables the phone to have enough fire power to manage most of the heavy apps including games and videos with great ease. The 3000 mAh battery is good enough to hold for at least 5-6 hours with normal usage.

The most basic thing for a phone to do is to be able to provide communication in terms of calling and internet. You can easily find a 4G enabled phone at this price which is the current standard in the telecom industry. A 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory is a must for today. Most phones provide this feature and also allow you to add an external storage of more than 128GB in the form of SDCard. You can readily load your mobile with apps, videos, and music and play them effortlessly without any hassles.

Another important feature is the camera. Today people love clicking photos with front and rear cameras and share them on apps like Facebook and whatsapp. A good 13 MP shooter with a 5MP front camera is the norm today. Automatic face detection, HDR mode, Panaroma and automatic flash are mandatory for regular usage.


Finding a budget phone with most specs is not that tough today because of the Xiaomi and other Chinese brands. Although you don’t get the classy experience of using the hardware at its highest point but they still hold good enough for normal day-to-day usage.

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