Check Prepaid Balance of any BSNL Mobile Number

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) one of the most popular Indian telecom company. Many users use BSNL service because of it’s Network availability. Did you know that, we can check the balance of any BSNL mobile number online by just providing only mobile number? Yes! Checking Prepaid Balance of any BSNL Mobile Number is very easy.

Do you want to know any BSNL customers prepaid account balance, yes it is possible with out the concern of the user. There are two methods for this, first one is using BSNL online portal and the second one is using Text message but this method will not work in all telecom circles. Lets discuss one by one.

BSNL official website is providing balance and validity details of any BSNL mobile number to any users. This is really a serious privacy issue. Anybody can know any users balance just by entering his mobile number.

Update: Here is an easy way to Check anyones Prepaid balance

Prepaid Balance of any BSNL Mobile Number

1. Head over to BSNL portal.

Prepaid Balance of any BSNL Mobile Number

2. Click on  Sign in button on top and log in if you already have an account else sign up and login.

3. After successful log in click on Recharge on left hand side, it will display some menus then click on Check Balance.

Prepaid Balance of any BSNL Mobile Number

4. Now Enter your Mobile number or your friends BSNL mobile number and select the circle and hit Submit button.

Prepaid Balance of any BSNL Mobile Number

Now you can see the balance and validity of the number you just entered.

Prepaid Balance of any BSNL Mobile Number using SMS/Text Message

As I said earlier this will not work in  all telecom circles so the above method is efficient but the advantage is you don’t need any data plan or internet connection for this method.

All you need is send a text message, here is the format.

For 2G users – DATA2G<space><mobile number> to 53733

For 3G users – DATA3G<space><mobile number> to 53733
bsnl balance check

Cool, Isn’t it?

Updated Method

This trick doesn’t require any account or login. Its instant.

Here is the easy method. Go here and enter any BSNL mobile number and hit submit button.



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    • Hi Raja,
      If you want to know the last call details on your BSNL land line,

        Go here
        Register then login using username and password
        Click on the ‘Service’ tab
        Select ‘Check My Call details’ option and select month which you want to display the details.
        press Go button which all calls details including phone number,duration,time cost discount etc.
  1. What is BSNL customer care number?
    (1800 180 1503 is not working)

    I want manual settings of GPRS (BSNL) for android mobile, how to get it?
    (SIM should directly bring these settings, but BSNL sim doesnt do this)

    How to know number of SMS balance & GPRS data?
    (The method u gave above is not working)

    • Hi Nilesh,
      BSNL customer care number is 1503
      BSNL GPRS settings will differ according to telecom circle so its better to contact customer care at 1503.

      In this article I talked about checking prepaid balance of any BSNL mobile number not for SMS and GPRS balance.
      Try these to check SMS and GPRS balance
      Hope it helps you 🙂

  2. Hello Vivek,

    Your article is amazing.. Could you please tell me how to get the call details of BSNL prepaid mobile online ?

    Please reply ASAP

    Thanks in advance !

  3. The SMS way is not working. I want to know my internet balance. I am using Vodafone K3770 Modem. I want to know my balance without having to swap my SIM card from modem to moblie again and again.

  4. Your method to check balance without log in is wonderful. How you people find such nice things? It is really cool !

  5. Wow..! this service has been removed..! As new version of BSNL portal is now working, and this does not have any feture to get available balance…

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………. kill them.

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