Digital Advices is a single author Online Tech guide. I write about stuffs I know related to Technology, How-To guides, Social Media,  Software Reviews & even more. I started this blog to share my little knowledge and experiences.

A little about me.

Hi there, I’m Vivek Nath.R. I’m the founder and author behind Digital Advices. A 22, 23, 24 year old guy, currently a student, avid blogger and I’m crazy with stuffs related to Technology, Internet, computers. Born and based out of the wonderful country that is India! For me technology is an essential part of my life and I’m always curious to learn new things, with Google as my teacher. 🙂

My Saying in my life is ”Take the impossible, make it obvious”

So…Thanks for Reading!

Please, take a look around my site, as a fine reader, if you have any doubts,  complaints, findings, feedback you can contact me via Contact page. . . And don’t be  stranger.

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