Make Free Calls from Desktop, Android and iOS Devices

Yes your quest for making Free International Phone Calls ends hers. It’s 100% working and this is not a trick at all. All you need is CrowdCall App and Android phone or iPhone or  BlueStack software for Windows and Mac users.

Remember one thing, Crowdcall allows you to make 10 calls/day in 40 countries. The person you are trying to call does not need to have any app installed or internetconnection all is just a valid phone number.

  • 10 calls per day, some users says that they got unlimited talk time for every connected call.
  • No need of a smart phone.
  • Also you can make call to a land phone.
  • Receiver get your number in screen, when you call.
  •  No line charges, no service charges, no app charges, Totally free.

Android Users

  • Download Crowd Call from Play Store. Download Crowd Call
  • After installation, it ask you to enter your phone number.
  • Select a contact from your contact list and press green button and you will instantly receive a from an international number.
  • Pick up the call and hear the instruction and press “1” in your keypad.
  • Wait for another couple of seconds for Crowd Call connects you to the person you wish to talk.
make free calls using crowd call
Crowd Call Setup

iPhone Users

  • Download Crowd Call from iOS App Store. Download
  • After installation follow the above said procedures.

Desktop Users

I don’t have any Android phone, so I’m using Crowd Call via my PC with the help of an Android emulator called Blue Stack. All of you need is to install Blue Stack.

Make Free International Calls

  • Download and Install Blue Stack. Download
  • After installation,  you must connect your Google account to access Play Store.
  • Click on App Search in the main window and type “Crowd Call” and install.
  • Open Crowd Call and Enter your mobile number.
  • Then, enter the mobile number you want to call and you will receive a call pick it up and press “1” in your mobile.
  • It will automatically connects to another person.
    Crowd Call Set Up in Blue Stack

No matter, Crowd Call is an app which can help you save loads of money, so do give it a try. If you face any issues at any step please let me know via comments, I’ll help you at any time 🙂

Update: Crowd Call doesn’t work any more for free, if you want to make calls you should buy a subscription package from them.
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  1. Hey Vivek,
    Its working fine here, Crowd Call is simmply superb. Today I called my 6 friends 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I’m getting error and unable make any calls,
    There is message bottom of the page : “Attention! You must verify your e-mail address before placing a call” and While trying to verify my email address it displays the error message : “Oops! An unexpected error has occurred.” so I’m unable to use this.

    • Ganesh, If you are using Crowd Call via desktop, you must install Blue Stack and follow the above said instructions. In this app you don’t need to verify your email, all is you must enter your mobile number. I tested this app in both Android and Desktop, it works flawlessly

  3. heyyy vivek,
    i used on my lappy. its working but still has some probs
    1. i cant call 10 times, just after 2-3 times it says limit reached

    2. even on next day when i try to call the very 1st call of the day, it repeat the message and i am not able to make even one

    3. i also read about replacing data.fs file to avoid uninstalling & reinstalling it again n again but its not working

    waiting for ur reply soon
    thanx in advance

    • Bro,
      I’m also facing this problem, so I contacted Crowd Call team and they said that this app goes viral and they never expected such an immense growth. Now they are finding better solutions to support this huge usage. Till then they have restricted the calls to 4 to 5. So lets wait buddy 🙂
      Uninstalling the app and re-installing doesn’t work because they are counting our calls with the number we are using.

      • I m from india n i cant sign up by indian number.. Before some time i used crowd call n it was workin fine but now when i download today it says u cant register. It only available in north america. Now what sud i do to use it? Anyhow i want to use it. Can u help me?

        • Hello Shahin,
          At this time Crowd Call is only available for North America and they will make it available to rest of the countries later. If you want more information regarding this go to

  4. I am getting the error saying, “Install New version”
    Where can I get the new version?
    Can you please help?
    I need it urgently

    • Hey Raviraj,
      After the last update, Crowd Call withdraw free call feature, now free call option is only available for North America. So it doesn’t work anymore 🙁
      If I got any other apps like this I will let you know, so please Subscribe

  5. i had used crowd call free service bu web browser,for india,but from 16of october i am not able to make calls,actualy other participant can hear my voice but i cannot hear him,what is the issue.plzz help.thnx

  6. hi Vivek what is the call rate charge calling to Philippines by using crowd call. I know its not anymore free but then i need to buy an account to place a call to Philippines.thanks

  7. Hi, I’m in australia and I got samsung galaxy2. If I install crowd call in my phone and call india, is that gonna use my mobile data or I cost my on my mobile bill?And I dont know how to install in my phone. Can someone reply please

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