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Wondershare MobileGo - The most efficient solution to Android-PC Integration - Digital Advices

Wondershare MobileGo – The most efficient solution to Android-PC Integration

It is pretty irritating, when you are working on your Desktop computer, or your Notebook, and you start receiving those text messages, which can’t also be ignored, and you have to leave your work aside for a few moments, pick up your phone, and check what is it about. For a programmer, or a coder, this might cause a flaw in the workflow, and is not at all pleasing. Moreover, loosing your contacts, or other stuff, is something, very dangerous, for, the data being extremely important sometimes. It becomes a sweet commodity, when you can access the whole of your Smartphone to your desktop computer, send SMS right from there, backup/copy files, view and check the data, right on the phone, etc. The WondershareMobileGo for Windows, is a great utility, that makes the Smartphone experience even wonderful! With the compatibility of almost all the Smartphones around, all you have to do is to connect your mobile device to your computer system, and wait for the MobileGO to detect it, and you have the whole of your Smartphone on your computer’s screen.

Read or send new SMS, receive SMS notifications, Uninstall applications, export data to your computer system, backup the whole device. The MobileGO has so many of the relishing features.

During my experience of using this utility, I faced null problems, in connecting my device, receiving sms, uninstalling or installing new applications, or creating a backup of the phone data. The utility will detect the device in merely a few seconds. After that, you have all the options available. You may install a new application from the Google Play Store, or uninstall a previously installed app, right from your computer screen! Talking about the SMS platform, It will display all your texts in the thread formats, like that on your device, providing a great convenience to check the new and old texts.

There’s also this great tab “Tool Kit”, that will sort a lot of your petty issues, like a lot of duplicate contacts, converting a video into playable format, etc. The MobileGO provides small modules to sort these problems too, and that too in a few moments of time! The One Click backup is the hot red button, which you might use, if you are some sort of planning to factory reset or format your phone! This will backup each and everything that exists on your mobile device including the contacts, pictures, videos, etc. There are separate options to backup particular data too, but this button backs up all of it at once!

You can use the WondershareMobileGO to play all your music and movie files directly too! Just like a music player, create playlists, choose genre, artists, etc. Everything works smoothly and Lag-Free! This is a must own application, and at the price, WondershareMobileGO is a steal!

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