What’s New in Mozilla Firefox 22 and Download Offline Installer

Mozilla released the latest version (22) of their popular web browser Firefox. It loads with amazing feature’s to the open-source web-browser.

 firefox 22 offline installer download

Using a supercharged subset of JavaScript (asm.js) developers are creating high-intensity applications, like 3D games and photo processing to be consumed directly on the Web without having to install additional software or use any plugins at native performance levels. Mozilla Firefox 22 now supports asm.js via a cross-compiler which can emit asm.js, paving way for consumption of these high-performance native applications on the web-browser. Mozilla also shared a video showing Unreal Engine 3 demonstration using this JavaScript technology performing at-par the native speed.

What’s new in Firefox 22?

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Support for Flexbox CSS3 layout mode

[icon name=icon-chevron-right]New features in Developer Tools

[icon name=icon-chevron-right]Custom playspeed for audio and video playback (HTML5)

[icon name=icon-chevron-right]Display scaling options for high-resolution displays (Windows only as of now)

[icon name=icon-chevron-right]Support for HTML5 <time> and <data> elements

[icon name=icon-chevron-right]Web Notifications API

[icon name=icon-chevron-right]Pointer Lock API goes beyond just fullscreen

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] WebGL enhancements

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Better memory usage when rendering images

[icon name=icon-chevron-right] Social services manager

Apart from these features, there are some bug fixes and other smaller features. You can read full release notes from here

Download Official Offline Installer of Mozilla Firefox 22

[icon name=icon-download] Download Firefox 22 for Windows [20.8 MB]

[icon name=icon-download] Download Firefox 22 for Linux [24.1 MB]

[icon name=icon-download] Download Firefox 22 for Mac [40.6 MB]

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