What is Nexus Q, launched in Google I/O Developer Conference 2012

google nexus Q

What is this Q? As you can see in the images,  its a ball with flat bottom, at the centre there is a LED strip that glows when you turn it on and in the rear portion it’s equipped with a Micro-HDMI port, an optical audio output, Ethernet Jack and a Micro-USB port. It’s the World’s first Social Streaming Media Player and moreover this Q is a Google product.

In simple words its an Audio/Video streaming device powered by Android Jelly Bean. The Q is proposed to make it easy to share content(Music and Video). The idea is that any user with an Android phone or tablet will be able to send content to the Nexus Q, not just the owner.

Nexus Q

Features Of nexus Q


  •  Stream music, videos (including the ones from YouTube) using Wi-Fi.
  •  25-watt amp speaker.
  • Dual-band Wifi support, micro USB, Bluetooth, NFC.
  • 1GB of RAM and 16GB on-board storage.
  • Rotating top dome volume control.
  • Capacitive touch sensor for mute.
  • Automatic shutdown for audio amp supply when not in use.


Watch the below video to see Nexus Q in action

Price and Availability

Nexus Q will initially be launched in the US only at a price tag of $299. Also you can buy accessories of  Triad Bookshelf speakers worth $399 and speaker cables with banana plugs, pegged at $49. Bookings for the device started on June 27, 2012 on Google Play Store and deliveries will be made in August.

To check the availability of Nexus Q in your country Head over to Play Store.

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