Top 5 Reasons as to Why People Play Video Games

By the fact that games are entertaining, they have captivated many people hence making them very popular not only to the gaming community but to the public as a whole. The variety of games in the industry ensures that everyone has at least something they can enjoy. As compared to other types of games such as card games and board games, video games are the most popular and technically gifted. Let’s examine some of the reasons as to why people are so hooked to these video games.


1. To pass time

Games provide players with a wonderful opportunity where they get to engage themselves in an entertaining activity during downtime. Since most of these games are very interesting, they help bored people pass time until when something interesting comes up. Everyone has done this hence they can relate to it.

2. Stress reliever

Video games can be a perfect stress reliever as they have the ability to take someone to a virtual world where it’s only him and the characters from the game. Once fully engaged, it becomes much easier for one to forget about their pains and sorrows. This is one of the reasons as to why people are encouraged to be playing these video games.

3. Betting

This is something that developed with the development of video games. As the popularity of these games increased and the competition became stiff, more and more people began betting on games. The popularity of the betting culture became strong up to a level where gaming platforms started incorporating such betting provisions into their games. Now the players can enjoy free casino games online while at the same time having a wager for the winner.

4. To some people it’s a hobby

For some people, boredom is not a necessity when it comes to gaming. There are those people who enjoy playing games whether as a pastime activity or when busy. They derive joy from playing such games. And who can blame them considering the fact that these games are very intriguing and highly addictive. Such people have developed a hobby out of playing these video games hence they always find pleasure playing.

5. Generating Income

For the lucky few who are able to turn their hobby into an income generating activity, they have something they can always look up to. Video games can be a good source of income but you need to be committed and follow through with it. Enter into competitions and tournaments that guarantee a prize to the winner at the end of it all.


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