Top 5 Affordable Broadband Packages in UK 2013

It seems everyone is using Internet from kids to oldies. For a better and seamless internet connectivity we need a faster broadband plans but you certainly had to pay a lot of money for it. Depending on how much you are uploading and downloading, you might want a limited or an unlimited Internet package with better speed.You can also opt for DSL connections or broadband connections or wireless connections.

affordable broadband packages

Choosing the right broadband package in UK is not easy as you think because of high competition in this area. Every provider make their plans better and better to grow their company. So we analysed and listed 5 Affordable Broadband Packages that you can opt out.

1. Plusnet

Plusnet is one of the cheapest broadband provider in UK. They offer 16MB of download speed with 10GB monthly usage for £8.49. Also their basic plan includes a 4-port wireless router and unlimited night usage between midnight and 8am. Plusnet offering McAfee security package, it comes free with Unlimited, or with Essentials you’ll get the first 3 months free, then it’s just £2 a month after that.

2. Sky

Sky offering a total unlimited broadband plans and provides unlimited downloads upto 16 MB,  for a 12month contract for £10. Also sky provides 12 month free trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite. Sky broadband is little expensive than Plusnet but its worth to try because they offer an unlimited plan. If you want to purchase Sky broadband for a discount price you can use sky unlimited broadband voucher code.

3. Virgin Media

Virgin media is UK’s No 1 broadband provider according to Ofcom’s 2012 report. They have variety of plans that you can choose. Most popular and affordable plan is £11.25. It provides 30 MB of speed with unlimited downloads. For the first six months it will cost about £11.25 and after that £22.50. Virgin Media are the only provider that currently offer broadband without the need for a phone line.

4. BT(British Telecom)

BT is also offering 16 MB download speed and totally unlimited plan also they provide a free wireless router. For the first 12 months you need to pay only half that is £8 and after that £16. Also Bt provides free weekend calls and if you are new to BT you will get first 6 months for free.  BT Total Broadband packages come with the option of a wireless BT ‘home hub’ but you can also use other BT approved modems.

5.Talk Talk

Talk talk offers some of the most attractive priced broadband services. Their essentials plan provides 12 months half price at £3.75 a month and it has a speed of up to 14MB with unlimited downloads.

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