How to Stop Skype From Starting Automatically

How to stop Skype from starting automatically on PC.

No doubt, Skype is the pioneer of all video conferencing apps that allows you to make voice calls and video chats along with text messages from your computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.), Smartphones, Tablets and other supported devices. Many of us do not use Skype application or occasionally use it and it is still on our system due to whenever we boot or start our operating system, it starts automatically and that really annoyed sometimes. As it starts automatically it consumes lot of memory and network bandwidth.

By default, Skype opens automatically each time your computer starts and you log in to your PC. Some people find this is annoying and here are the the steps to stop skype from startring automatically.

Stop Skype From Starting Automatically

1. Launch Skype and Click on three dotted menu

stop skype starting automatically

it’s located next to your name

2. Select Settings

stop skype starting automatically

Also you can use Ctrl + , (shortcut)

3. Choose General Settings from left side

stop skype starting automatically

When you selectg it will show some settings on right side

4. Toggle the option “Automatically Start Skype”

stop skype starting automatically

Just click on the toggle button. Finished!

The new Microsoft Skype for Windows 10 (Skype UWP) application has never been present in the Startup tab. Windows apps are not managed the same way as a Win32 application. The classic Skype for Windows Desktop is a Win32 application, Skype UWP is not.

If you close your computer without signing out of the Skype UWP application, then on next computer boot, Skype will auto run in the background. To maximize Skype UWP you will just need to click on the application icon.

If you prefer not to be signed in automatically on Skype for Windows 10, you can sign out from the app. We won’t sign you in automatically after that.

In other words, Skype UWP users simply need to logoff from within the app to prevent it from starting automatically during a subsequent Windows 10 login.

As a potentially viable alternative to the Skype Community Moderator’s advice, you can turn off the background app functionality for Skype. Navigate to the following location:

Start > Settings > Privacy

Ensure that you have selected Background Apps on the left-hand side, scroll down on the right until you find the entry for Skype and change the slider to Off.

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