Save Internet Videos you Watched, No Download needed

Yes its possible to save internet videos without downloading. After watching a video on Internet, you may want to download the video for offline playing, simply you download the watched video using a video downloader software. Guys, you don’t need to download a video if you watched it. All the videos and flash animations you loaded in internet are stored locally in our browsers cache folder. But the problem is, only experts can save videos from cache folder, it’s a hectic process. To simplify this process there is a tool called Video Cache Viewer. This free software helps you to save all the videos in the browser cache to any other folder.

save online videos without downloading

How to use Video Cache Viewer?

1. Download Video Cache Viewer and install.

2. When you open it, it will find all the videos in your cache folder.

3.After the video list is displayed, you can use one of the following options

  • Play Selected File: Allows you to play the video file directly from the cache, assuming that you have a video player that is configured to play .flv files.
  • Copy Selected Files To: Allows to copy the video files from the cache into another folder, so you will be able to play them in the future.

save internet videos without downloading

4.To save a video, Right click and select Copy Selected Files To.

In some Video Web sites, the video files are not always saved in the cached by the Web browser. When the video file is not saved in the cache, you won’t be able to watch it or to copy it to another folder.

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