Pre-Register Super Mario Run game on Google Play store

If you have played any Super Mario Game before and loved it, then do watch out for the Super Mario Run game that will be made available in 2017. This game was already released for iOS devices and already been downloaded over 40 million times.

Pre-Register Super Mario Run game on Google Play store 1

Nintendo will release the Super Mario Run for Android pretty soon. You can in fact pre-register this game from Google Play using your Android device. Pre-registration is just to show your interest, once the game is made available you will get a notification.

Super Mario Run

The game play method is similar to as seen on the older Mario games. Mario moves forward constantly and you need to make him pass through obstacles by making him jump. Now depending on the timing of your taps, Mario will behave in a different way.

In the game, which is a lot like Temple Run, you play as Mario in a typical platformer layout. However, instead of controlling Mario’s left and right movements, you only control his jump. As you run through levels, you hop over enemies, collect coins, mushrooms, and all that other good stuff.

To play this game you need to be connected to the net. This game is free to download, however the free version will let you play few levels and after that if you want to continue playing you will need to pay for it (onetime payment).

Get ready for the Super Mario Run you can pre-register on Google Play.

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