Mobikwik- a trustworthy source of transferring money

Mobikwik is the online recharge service provider. Mobikwik has a professional body and the main perspective of this team is to ensure customer satisfaction. They also deal with the customer complains. In order to provide quality service, they receive feedback from customers. Mobikwik is proving various types of recharge options like DTH, data card etc. Mobikwik is also offering extra discount as well as free coupons to the Mobikwik users. In order to beat the business competitors, mobikwik provides recharge options and they include SMS recharge, Dial recharge as well as WAP recharge.

Offers of Mobikwik:

An individual may enjoy the one-click recharge service by adding money in his Mobikwik account. He can also add 20 Friends and family numbers in his Mobikwik account. Reserve bank of India gave permission to Mobikwik to run their business. Mobikwik also supports bsnl online recharge. Mobikwik allows payment through SMS, tablet, computer as well as various channels. Mobikwik has made the process of transferring money easier than before. You can transfer Re.1- Rs.5000 rupees by only a few clicks, within the shortest possible time. User –friendly interface is also offered by the Mobikwik. Mobile apps of Mobikwik are quite easy as well as efficient. As a result, a person can easily navigate different sections of Mobikwik. Mobikwik has various reliable sections like transfer status, recharge status as well as recharge history. These applications are elegant as well as efficient, no doubt about it.

To be registered with the Mobikwik is quite a simple process. First and foremost, one should provide all information about him in the online registration form of Mobikwik like contract number, address, email etc. Then Mobikwik will send a confirmation code. He should add the confirmation code in Mobikwik website. Then he should add some money in order to run his Mobikwik account. After that a person can enjoy the mind blowing offers of Mobikwik.  He may purchase product as well as pay his utility bills through the Mobikwik.

How to recharge money in Mobikwik:

If anyone wants to recharge money through the Mobikwik, he has to follow a few steps and they are provided hereunder:

At first, one should log in one’s Mobikwik account. The he should go to the ‘My account option’ of Mobikwik.  Then, he will be provided a link through which he can add certain amount of money. Then, he may go to the payment option. Thus, a person can pay for his online shopping as well as utility bills. An individual may also take the advantage of purchasing vouchers, coupons as well as SMS packs in Mobikwik.

Online recharge in Mobikwik:

Online recharge of the Mobikwik is quite efficient as well as simple. Users of Mobikwik are given the scope of transferring any amount of money. In order to do the Airtel recharge or Vodafone online recharge, an individual may adopt the OTP which stands for one time password. This OTP is going to provide the assistance of recharging as well as transferring money, within a short time. Mobikwik is also giving the scope of closing anyone’s account if he desires. Just one should inform Mobikwik through email.

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