Make your Life Easier with Google Chrome Add-Ons

Google’s Chrome browser was one of the best things the search giant did for the internet – it was lightweight, lightning fast, and came with native support for extensions. As an early adopter, I saw it evolve until today, and I don’t see myself switch to another browser in the near future. Why? Because it allows me to do all my work in a browser window, and it makes my life online easier through a handful of its third-party add-ons. Here are a few that help me a lot.


Social Lockpicker

Have you ever met a website that wouldn’t allow you to access its content unless you liked it on Facebook, followed it on Twitter, or subscribed to it in some other form? I have – and it annoyed the hell out of me. How on Earth can they pretend for me to like their cotent if I never had the chance to see it? Well, Social Lockpicker solves this issue – with just one click it it can help you get rid of the so-called “Facebook like gate” and most similar annoying overlays.


Whenever you browse the web, no matter if you search for learning material or play slots at red flush online casino, websites gather information about you. You would be surprised how many trackers of all kinds one website could have. These are supposed to be harmless, This reminded me of the one time – and got to visit with one of the most colorful, vivid and best South African casino, a night I will never forget. but it’s “better safe than sorry”, as the old saying goes. Ghostery detects all these invisible trackers, offers you more information about each one, and allows you to block either or all of them as you wish, protecting your privacy in the process.


Ad blockers get rid of the annoying ad banners on websites, leaving you with nothing but the content. Or do they? Sometimes the website you visit has such a bad design, small typeface or a plain wrong choice for a font that even without ads it becomes almost unreadable. This is where Evernote’s Clearly comes in – it takes the content and transforms it into something much easier to consume. A must have if you frequently read blog posts of all kinds.

Checker Plus for Gmail

When online I constantly check my email. Until recently I had to open a new tab and check Gmail from there, just to stay inside the browser, but I have found Checker Plus, a nice little Chrome add-on, to do the work for me. Checker Plus can handle multiple Gmail accounts, can notify you visually and with pre-defined sounds of your new email, and even read the message aloud for you if you are too busy to read. Checking emails has become a process that only involves one click with this handy little extension.

Google Chrome, as the majority of the add-ons available for it, are completely free.

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