How To Know if A Site is Secure

With the advancement of technology the availability of online media sites are increasing rapidly. Be it online shopping sites, online betting sites or just gaming websites the list is enormous. This also presents to us though a new and not so well known danger of going through online fraud. It’s not uncommon for people to lose money online due to fake websites and such crimes are now on the rise, with many people falling victim to it. This article will be highlighting the points to check if a website is secured and to help you stay safe and protected.

How To Know if A Site is Secure 1

Protect your Data

In recent years lots of online stores have been targeted for online data theft and now ecommerce transactions are being targeted as well, with many people reporting of lost money. This happens mainly when online shopping is done as personal information, credit card details, addresses, telephone numbers and much more fly around the internet waiting for a cyber-thief to find it.

If you do shop online, it is the retailers responsibility to protect your personal information and data that you provide them with, which is why you need to be really careful about who you give your information to. Below will detail some of the specifics to be certain of when using a site.

Check for the SSL Certificate

Begin by looking for the URL of the site you want to check out, it should be ‘’https’’ instead of ‘’http’’ as this ensures the website is safe because it has an SSL Certificate. This SSL certificate makes sure that all your data is protected as it passes through your browser onto the server’s website. For companies to get this certificate they need to complete and pass a validation process. One example of this can be seen when you check the address bar of BettingTop10. Then you will notice an https instead of http and this is confirmation that you are on a secured betting site that bookmarks all the best online betting ventures around the UK.

How To Know if A Site is Secure 2

There are however levels of validation that will range from very basic to an extended level. For example the basic level of validation is a Domain Validation (DV) this means that the site only has ownership of the website and no legitimacy by the company requesting a SSL certificate.

Extended Validation is the highest, most extensive and safest form of validation. When the company asks for extended validation they have to prove the legitimacy of the business being conducted as well as their identity. You can figure out which online sites have an EV certificate by checking the address bar.

Check the Domain

Cyber attackers usually create fake websites using a DV Certificate to fool customers into believing their website is secure. The way to check is if you receive an email from the vendor or your, bank don’t click on the link as this allows cyber thief’s to steal information. Also type the domain into your browser to ensure that you’re on the correct website.

Remember to always be safe when you venture onto an online site, because there are lots of people just waiting to prey on you. Make sure to check thoroughly before giving out any personal information and be on your guard at all times

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