How to Remove or Disable ads from uTorrent

uTorrent is the best and one of the popular Bit Torrent client to download torrent files. It has introduced sponsored ads from version 3, its little bit annoying. But you can disable these ads right from settings window. Mainly ads are displaying in top and sidebars. Most of us find this as annoying so if you wish to remove ads from utorrent this step by step guide will help you.

remove ads from utorrent

Steps to hide ads in uTorrent

1. Open uTorrent.

2. Select Preferences from Options menu.disable ads in utorrent

3. In the filter box type “off” now you can see four results.

4. Change the below items value to Falseremove ads in utorrent

offers.left_rail_offer_enabled” and “offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled.”

In order for the changes to take effect you need to Exit uTorrent from File menu.

You’re done.

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