recover deleted files and folders from dropbox

How to recover deleted files from Dropbox

Dropbox is an online cloud storage system that lets you sync your files and folders across multiple devices and access from a web-based interface. When you delete a  Dropbox  folder from your PC, it is still remain safely in their servers,  instead they will simply move it to another folder from where you may restore it later.  This recover and restore feature makes Dropbox a killer cloud storage and in this article I will show you how to use this feature.

Recover deleted files from dropbox

How to recover deleted files from Dropbox


Recover deleted files from dropbox
  • Now you can see your deleted files darkened out, Right click on the file you want to Restore and Click Restore
Dropbox server saves your deleted files only for 30-days

Restore deleted files from dropbox
Thats it, the file is restored successfully. Also you can permanently delete files from Dropbox servers by clicking Permanently delete in the same Right click menu.


  1. I’m looking for this, thanku for the trick. BTW Can I restore a file deleted more than 30 days ago?

  2. Thanks Vivek. Is there any way to restore an entire folder rather than restore each file individually?

  3. The files I recenty deleted was a large file that can be only seen through time line how do I recover the file

  4. Hi, I permanentely delete files today from my Drop Box, how can I recover then ?

  5. i lost my office install 40 days ago is there no way i can recove it

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