How to Enable 2 Step Verification in Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Do you change passwords every week, if so this article is especially for you. Here you will understand the importance of enabling Two step authentication to your mail accounts. Passwords have always been the target of hackers. So its better to change yours once in a month. Enabling 2 step verification means, tightly secure your account with multiple layers of security. For instance it’s just like using multiple locks in our houses.

[quote style=”1″]Treat your password like your toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it, and get a new one every month. –Clifford Stoll [/quote]

If you enabled two factor authentication for your account, apart from the password you have to do one more step to access your account.

[icon name=icon-bullhorn] Steps to Enable Two Step Verification in Google Gmail

Are you a Yahoo mail user? Then Click here

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] After login to your Gmail account head over to Google Account Security Settings page.2 step verification settings

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] You will be asked to enter your password, after that click on Start Setup on the next page.

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Enter your primary phone number and select the option you like Text Message or Call, then click on Send Code button.two factor authentication settings

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Instantly you will receive a voice call or Text message with your verification code, enter that code in the box and click Verify.two factor authentication settings

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Next you will be asked whether you are using a trusted computer. If you are using your personal computer I recommend you to check this option because Google trust your computer and you won’t be asked for the two-step verification code when you log in from that machine. (Remember you can change this settings anytime)

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Voila! You just successfully enabled Two Step Verification in your Gmail account. Wait, something is there, Now you can see a pop-up like this(see screenshot)step4 After enabling this, if you are going to use GTalk or any other new devices you will be asked to enter a special password for the first time, these are called Application Specific Passwords. You can create this now by clicking Create Passwords button or you can do this later.

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] This is important. If you lose your phone or you are not in coverage area How you can sign into Gmail? Its possible by using Back Up codes.step5

[icon name=icon-bullhorn] Steps to Enable Two Step Verification in Yahoo Mail

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Login to your Yahoo mail account and go to this page
two step verification in yahoomail

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Now click on the Check box and you will get a pop-up →two step verification in yahoo

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] If you already added a phone number click on Use Current phone or if you want to add a new number click on Use new phone. Instantly you will get a SMS from Yahoo with Verification two factor authentication settings

[icon name=icon-arrow-right] Enter the verification code you just received and click on Verify code. That’s all, you successfully enabled Two step verification in your Yahoo Mail.

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