How to Create Slow Motion Videos using YouTube

Today YouTube announced a great feature for video makers. Now you can easily create slow motion videos using youtube. The slow motion feature is expected be beneficial for those editing music videos or short films. The feature allows them to mix up or set the tone for their videos.

youtube slow motion feature

Slow Motion is an option which will convert your uploaded videos to slow playback videos upto 12.5%. This will be fun to watch some videos in slow motion. The feature is super easy to use.

Make Slow Motion Videos using YouTube

1. Head over to YouTube and sign in.

2. Go to Video manager by selecting drop down menu on the top.

youtube video manager


3. Select a video then click on Edit button and select Enhancements.

slowmotion video using youtube


4. On the right hand side click on Tortoise button to make it slow motion.

youtube enhancements


You are done!!

Below is a video created using slow motion, do watch it.

Image credit : TheNextWeb

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