How to Copy Text from Image using OCR readers

On some occasions  we need to copy text from image files and copy it in a documents or somewhere else. If there are only few lines it is better to type but if the image is full of text, what will you do? There are variety of tools for Optical Character Recognition(OCR) and some of them are freeware. Here, I will introduce some of the freeware tools.

Microsoft One Note

Microsoft One Note has a built-in[abbr title=”Optical Character Recognition”]OCR.[/abbr] which recognize text from an image. But Microsoft One Note is available in Office 2007 and later versions.

  • Run Microsoft One Note
  • Copy the image and paste it in One Note.
  • Right click on picture and click on Copy Text from Picture(see screenshot)
  • Now paste the content in any document editor or in Notepad.
Microsoft One Note OCR reader

Free OCR

  This is an open source image to text converter based on Tessercat OCR engine. Tessercat was developed by HP. With this tool you can scan directly and convert it into text. After open your image click on OCR button on the top. The result will be displayed on right side panel.

ocr reader

[icon name=icon-download-alt] Download Free OCR

GT Text

This is also a freeware and this will help you to copy text in images to Windows clipboard. It supports major image formats like JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG.

  • Open GT Text and select an image.
  • Click on Tools then select Copy Text from and select Full image.(see screenshot)
  • Now paste the content in any document editor or in Notepad.
ocr reader
[icon name=icon-download-alt] Download GT Text
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