How to Clear your Google Chrome Sync data completely

Google Chrome Sync feature allows you to synchronize your browser data such as – Bookmarks, Saved passwords, Preferences, Themes, Extensions, Apps, and Auto-fill entries to your Google account.

Why you must Sync your Chrome data with Google account?

If you are using multiple computers, you can access all your Bookmarks, Saved Passwords, Omnibox history etc, that you saved with your Google Account.

To enable Chrome Synchronization with your Google account, Click on this [icon name=icon-reorder] icon at top right and select Sign in to Chrome. . . or Go to chrome://signin/ and Sign in.

By default Chrome Syncs everything to their servers(secured), but if you don’t want to sync everything you  can choose  options to sync by go to SettingsAdvance Sync Settings. Here you can choose what to sync,  encrypt all data or only passwords, and use a different passphrase for encrypting the data instead of the Google account password.

chrome sync settings
Advance Sync Settings

To clear your sync data from the Google Dashboard, head to Chrome Sync page, here you can see how much amount of information is stored, but it doesn’t display the actual data, only you can view a brief description and whether it is encrypted or not.

Clear your Google Chrome Sync data completely

To clear your data, click on the “Stop and Clear” button and a pop-up will display to confirm the deletion. Remember one thing, you cannot recover Chrome Sync data once you deleted.

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  1. Hello, I accidently deleted my chrome sync datas, anyway to recover this?
    Pls help. Thanks in advance.

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