How to Back Up and Restore Google Reader RSS Feeds

This is official, Google will be discontinuing its Google Reader service on July 1 2013.  Users have three months to transfer  the data from Google reader and continue to read RSS feeds from elsewhere. In case if you missed this story you can read it from official Google blog. Nothing to worry we have plenty of alternate apps. Fortunately, if you use Google Reader, you can backup all your RSS subscriptions in XML file format and easily restore them.

shut down google reader

How to Safely Export Your Google Reader RSS Feeds & Subscriptions

First of all you need to visit Google Takeout feature to download the backup file. Click here and click on Archive button to download your Google Reader data.

google takeout


Now you will get a Zip file that contains all your Google reader data.

Unzip the file and find subscriptions.xml file.

Simple, now its time to find a better alternative. I strongly recommend you to use Feedly or Netvibes.

Instructions to Restore Google Reader data in Feedly

To import your google reader feeds and categories over to feedly, simply login to your feedly using your google account. Feedly will automatically sync your Google Reader account with feedly. Here is the screenshot of my Feedly account synced with Google reader to feedly

Instructions to Restore Google Reader data in Netvibes

Head over to and create an account, its free.

Click on Add content on top left corner and select Add a Feed then OPML: Import and select the file you have just downloaded via Google Takeout.

netvibes restore google reader

Done! All your RSS feeds from Google Reader are now in your Netvibes page.

If you really love Google reader, you can try pettitioning Google on 🙂

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