How to Enable 2-Step Verification in Dropbox Account

Finally Dropbox introduced Two Step Verification to improve security just like Google 2-Step Verification. So your confidential files in your Dropbox are even more secure in cloud.

For enabling 2 step verification, you can choose two different options, a 6-digit security codes on your mobile phone via text messages  if you are using Dropbox in your smartphone you can download the Authenticator app and generate time-sensitive codes locally on the phone itself.

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Here are the steps to enable Two Step Verification →

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  • Go to Dropbox Security page.
  • At the bottom Account Sign in section you can see a new option Two-step verification. If you are not getting this option you need to install Dropbox’s latest build which you can download from the Dropbox forum.
    drop box two step authentication
    Enable 2-step Authentication
  • Click on “change” and you will get a pop-up, click Get Started and enter your Dropbox password.
    activate 2 step in dropbox
    Enter your Password
  • If you choose Use Text Messages, you will receive a 6-digit code in your mobile. Alternately, if you select Use a Mobile app, scan the provided QR code using your Smartphone and follow the instructions.
    enable 2 step in dropbox
    Select any option
  • If you opt Text message, enter your mobile number and you will then get a validation code. Enter the code received and you are done.
    enable two step in dropbox account
    Enter your Mobile number
  • Also you will get a backup code that you should write down in a safe place, this will be required if you ever lose your mobile phone and need to access your Dropbox account.
Congrats, now you enabled Two Step Authentication in your Dropbox account. If you face any problem while enabling 2-step, let me know via comments 🙂
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