DVDFab – DVD Copy Software Review

DVDFab DVD copy is one of the most popular software available worldwide because it enables you to copy the a DVD with one or two mouse clicks with thousands of DVD settings. Its popularity also has one reason that it’s extremely flexible and powerful software to copy the DVD without any hassle. DVD Copy allows you to copy the DVD to the blank DVD or copy DVD to the ISO file to the hard disc or any media server, you can also copy the content to any folder, you can also compress the content for the smaller discs. All these features are just provided by DVDFab DVD copy and with high speed and good quality are maintained throughout the process.


DVDFab DVD copy was formerly known as DVD to DVD or platinum is the all in one DVD cloner, DVD burner, DVD copy, that is used to rearrange, read, or manipulate the content with high speed. You can copy the DVD to any hard disc or any blank DVD, including DVD+R/DL, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/DL, and DVD-R/RW. Also, it provides you all the features with high speed approximately to 10-20 minutes.

You can clone your DVD to 1:1 ratio or you can compress the DVD to copy your file to DVD-9 to DVD-9, or DVD5 to DVD-5, or you can compress it from DVD-9 to DVD-5. There are 6 modes available for you where you can choose the way to copy the DVD: “Main Movie” allows you to copy the longest movie title, “Full Disc” copies the whole content from the DVD, “Split” copies the DVD-9 to DVD-5 with 100% quality, “Customize” allows you to customize any stuff in the DVD, “Clone/Burn” allows you to have 1:1 bit to bit copy, “Merge” combines various titles of different sources into one DVD.

DVD Copy software is very much easy to use and conveniently made, for the users to have the full control over the setup. The user interface have the option to set the process in many languages, also you will have the option to preset the language for subtitles an audio. Preview screen allows you to hear and see the content before you start the copying to avoid the setup errors and also you will get the detailed report of the copying task.

With this software you can copy the content of the DVD to any hard disc as an ISO image file or DVD file folder for backup, so that if you don’t have blank DVD for burning you can save it on your hard disc and can burn it later. Or, you can copy the DVD to your computer by just swapping the DVD to watch the movies without just copying the file to another DVD.


DVDFab DVD copy software is the all in one solution for your DVD to burn, clone, or copy. You can have multiple option with the easy to use interface with full control over the customization panel. You can do all these in high speed with 100% quality assured.

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