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Download Windows 10 with Product Key - Digital Advices

Download Windows 10 with Product Key

Microsoft has unveiled Windows 10, with a new Start menu, a new Task View feature and numerous other enhancements.

The preview version is available for both 32-bit (x86) as well as 64-bit (x64) computer systems. The size of the download files are 2.9 GB for 32-bit and 3.8 GB for 64-bit. The build number of Windows 10 Technical Preview is 6.4.9841.


Windows 10 Technical Preview is only available in following 4 languages: English (United States), English (United Kingdom), Chinese (Simplified) and Portuguese (Brazil).

What’s new in Windows 10?

Start Menu

Microsoft has finally decided to add a fully-functional Windows 7 style Start Menu. Windows 10 comes with both Start Menu as well as Start Screen and users have a choice to choose between Start Menu or Start Screen. Start Menu in Windows 10 contains All Programs entries similar to Windows 7 Start Menu along with live tiles taken from Start Screen.

windows 10 start menu

Virtual desktops

In Windows 10, you will have the option of using virtual desktops. Right now you just have one desktop per monitor — but with virtual desktops, you can switch between as many desktops as you like. This is a popular power user feature that has been present on some Linux window managers and via third-party Windows tools for years — but now it’ll be native in Windows 10.

A new Task View button

Windows 10 has a new button (and Alt-Tab menu it seems) that pops up the Task View interface. It’s meant to improve the multitasking experience for novice users. It basically looks like an improved version of the “stacked cards” view from Windows Vista and 7, which you see if you hit Windows-Tab.

windows 10 download

Metro apps on the Desktop

Rather than forcing you into the full-screen Metro interface, Windows 10 will let you run Metro apps on the Desktop in a window. In theory this will mean that mouse-and-keyboard users might now actually use Metro apps, which in turn might kickstart the arrival of some better apps in the Windows Store. Or not.

Improved Command Prompt

You will see lot of improvement in age old rigid Command Prompt. Now after years of pain, you can finally use Copy paste option directly to prompt throughb Ctrl+V. What a relief!

Download Windows 10 with Product Key Links

English 32-bit (x86) : Here

English 64-bit (x64) : Here

Product Key For Windows 10


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