How to Disable or Turn off Seen feature in Facebook Chat

It’s been some time since Facebook introduced the ‘seen’ feature on chat. When you chat with someone on Facebook, and the person read your message, it displays ‘seen’ along with the time or date the message was read. Mixed opinions are coming from users, some people like this chat seen feature and some don’t. It can be convenient, but it is also a form of privacy invasion. I personally sometimes feels this feature is annoying one.

disable or turn off seen in fb chat

There’s no way to turn it off in Facebook settings, but you can avoid this by using Browser extension or plugins, all famous browsers have this kind of extensions. Lets dig into it.

Disable Seen Feature in Chrome

1. Head over to FB Unseen

fb unseen for chrome

2. Install it by clicking Free button.

3. Now you can see a new icon in top right and you can disable this extension by clicking on that icon.

fb unseen for chrome disable

4. Now your friends will no longer be able to see if you read their message.


Disable Seen Feature in Firefox

1. Head over to this website

2. Click on the green Get Chat Undetected button.

disable chat seen in firefox

3. Now you’ll get a pop-up for confirming the installation, click on Install Now to complete the installation.

chat undetected on firefox

4. Now your friends can’t see that you have read their messages by “seen time” feature.


For Internet Explorer and Opera you can use the same extension used in Firefox.

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