How to convert YouTube videos to GIFs?

GIFs stand for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF images are animated images which are often praised for their looping effects and it’s a pain to find good gif images as it’s quite difficult to make these images frame by frame using difficult to use GIF making software. So today at Digital advices we have this awesome post teaching you how to make awesome animated GIF images from YouTube videos using a very simple tool and without much effort.

So what is the trick?

Simply put, the tool we are going to suggest here is an unofficial tool not developed by Google or YouTube but it helps in making a YouTube video into an animated image just by changing the URL.

You just have to change the in URL to Just press enter after this. You will have few options in front of you for specifying how you would like your GIF image to be.

Here is an example image.


In order to make an animated image from the YouTube video you can only specify the start time and duration using this tool, there’s no way or functionality using which you can control frame by frame animation elements.

For your reference, let’s take a simple example.

If I have the URL:

Then to download a GIF from the above video I would change the URL to

how to make an animated gif from a youtube video

The downside of this tool is that it’s made by a group of people who also made the messaging app Glyphic which has its main focus on GIFs.

Though this tool is pretty good and works well for limited functionality jobs, suppose somewhere you want to capture that favorite movie scene of yours and there’s a video of it online, in those cases this tool gets the job done perfectly.

How to convert YouTube videos to gifs 2

Otherwise there are always some pretty good standalone tools available for you to get the job done on your system like GIF Brewery or GIF grabber.

Though this was a pretty good tool but if somehow in the future it doesn’t work then we have a full list of comprehensive tools for you to get the same job done and with ease.

So this was our awesome roundup of tools to use for making GIFs from Videos, with a special focus on YouTube videos. In case we missed any tool then do comment with that tool’s name.

Happy converting, happy animating. Any doubts, any queries then do comment we would be more than happy to resolve your doubts and assist you.

How to convert YouTube videos to gifs bye

Till next time folks!

This awesome tips and tricks post was written by Aditya Nath Jha from the Inspire2rise network who is an SEO at MyRefers. When he is not busy blogging or working on the internet he likes to listen to music and play his guitar!

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