Connect your WiFi without Password in Android Phone using QR Code

Do you have WiFi in your home? Well, you may faced this question dozens of time. Dude, Whats your WiFi Password ?? Instead of having to tell your wireless password to each person that needs access for their smart phone give them a QR code.

It’s very easy to generate a QR code containing your network information and  password and use a Bar code Scanner app to automatically log onto your network in one snap of the code.This Qr Code contains information about the network SSID(Service Set identification and password).


Here is the step by step procedure for creating QR code for your WiFi network.

1. First of all you will need your WiFi SSID name and password. Don’t you know your SSID? then read Step 2 else go to Step 5.

2. Open Command Prompt and type ipconfig and hit Enter. The gateway address is your modem/router login address. It will ask for Username and Password,  If you haven’t ever set one it’s likely username “admin” and password “admin” (or blank password).

3. Assuming that you are using Utstarcom(BSNL) router. On the left side Click on Wireless tab and you can see your SSID in right side.If you are using a different router the procedure will vary.  (see screenshot)find ssid of router bsnl

4. To find the password of your WiFi, Open Security tab under Wireless and you can see your password in right side (see screenshot)

find wifi password of bsnl modem

5. To create your QR code, head over to ZXing QR Code Generator site.

6. In the drop-down, select “WiFi network“, then enter in your SSID (network name), password and network encryption type as WEP.

7. After entering all information Click on Generate button and you will get your QR code on right side.

You’re done, Now use any QR code reader to read the code you created to connect your WiFi without password.

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  1. Hi i bought a samsung galexys6 fron USA but i cant use it here in india .how can i get da SSID code no.

    • Login to your Wi-Fi modem configuration, if you don’t know how to login read user manual. Then move to wireless section and you’ll get SSID info.

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