The Components of a Successful Presentation at Work

A business person who is going to give a presentation at work needs to do several things to prepare. Regardless of what the presentation is about, it must keep the attention of everyone attending the meeting. It must also have information that is easy for the attendees to grasp. Here are a few of the necessary components of a successful presentation.

One of the most helpful visual aids in a presentation is a graph. Graphs convey various types of information in living color. A person can look at the divisions of a graph and learn important information with a single glance. Graphs are also helpful if the person making the presentation wants to compare sales information from two specific years. For instance, a graph can illustrate the additional profits made by a company from one year to the next. A colorful, well-constructed graph catches the eyes people attending a meeting and makes them sit up and pay attention.


Another necessary component of a successful presentation is a list highlighted with bullet points. When an attendee of the meeting sees a bullet point list, he or she knows that the statements are especially important to absorb. Clear statements conveyed via a bullet point list are very likely to be remembered by the attendees of the meeting. Plus, the individual giving the presentation can use a bullet point list to make sure that all significant topics are covered. An employee who is planning to give a presentation and wants some help creating a document may want to look into the resources at a place like Zoho Docs.

Finally, an impressive presentation needs a collection of statistics. Someone who is giving a presentation on the sales numbers of a particular product will want to bring up statistics from previous years as well as the present year. By comparing these statistics, employees in the meeting can determine why sales numbers went up or why they went down. Comparing statistics from past years helps the employees of a company to come up with new ideas based on what the customer seems to appreciate in a product. Statistics can even help a company figure out who their product appeals to. If a company didn’t keep track of statistics on sales, it would be clueless as to the success of a particular product. A person giving a presentation can use past successes to set higher goals in the future.

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