How to Choose the Right Phone System for your Business

We can all agree that a vital component to any business is an effective way of communicating with clients and staff. Installing business telephone systems that fulfill your distinct needs means doing some homework to address the exact functionality you require. Because no two businesses are alike, you are essentially customizing your phone system to meet the demands of your office.

Choosing the right phone system can be a bit tricky. Let’s break down the questions you need to ask yourself before going ahead and making your purchase.

Can your calls wait?

First, step back and think about how important it is that you answer your calls immediately. If you step away from your desk and the telephone starts ringing, do you let it go to voicemail or do you run back to answer it (if you can)?

When you find that you are dashing across the room to pick up the call, you probably want to consider investing in a telephone system that pages all the phones in the office. It’s the perfect way to ensure that a client will reach a human being. Another alternative is wearing a headset that allows you to answer from anywhere in your workplace.

Live vs. Automated

Although consumers are used to automated phone calls, the majority would much rather speak to a live human being. Speaking to a real person makes the transaction more personal and creates a better customer relationship. Having an automated attendant may make your business seem bigger than it is, but opting for a human voice adds an element of customer service that is lost with an automated service.

Should you go VoIP?

There are many advantages to switching to a VoIP phone system. Businesses big and small that have made the transition from traditional phone lines to VoIP have done so because it is cost effective. VoIP offers businesses flexibility when it comes to increasing phone lines as your business grows. It also allows you to stay connected from anywhere you are because unlike standard telephone systems, VoIP phones send voice data across the internet.

Predicting the future

Without a proper telephone system, your business may lose customers to the competition. When selecting a phone system, think about the growth you expect for your business in the coming years. Be realistic about your expectations and choose a system that will grow with you and provide you the functionality to get the job done right!

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