Changing Face of Online Marketing – How to Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2014

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ver since the release of Panda and the debut of Penguin update, there has been massive changes in relation to how search results are presented to the web browsing public. These changes have ultimately affected the entire online marketing process. The changes have allowed SERPs to become more intuitive, user friendly and at times unnervingly anticipatory.

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All these changes have spurred a number of reactive developments from companies with a large fan base such as Facebook and Twitter. Facebook developed the upcoming Graph Search while Twitter is also coming up with advanced search tools and Microsoft has also unveiled the ViralSearch platform to boot. With all these changes altering the landscape of e-commerce, chances are that it will also affect the face of online marketing.

Over the years, SEO has remained as one of the most favoured online marketing technique amongst businesses. The technique has been used over and over again by businesses to improve their search results and their ranking on the major search engine. However, technology has introduced other best practice online marketing techniques to offer genuine competition to SEO. For best results, these techniques can be used hand in hand with SEO. Here are a few of the new online marketing techniques that are transforming the entire industry.

1. Classified ads  

The use of classified ads as a marketing technique has opened up numerous opportunities in as far changing the face of online marketing is concerned. Classified ads are perfect when it comes to attracting valuable web traffic. Free classified sites provide buyers with an opportunity of purchasing a certain good from either an individual or a company. One good example of such site is As the seller, you can use your ad to redirect traffic to your web site and allow the buyer to purchase the item. What makes classified ads the best option when it comes generating traffic is that everyone who visits any of the classified ad sites has the intension of buying a good.

2. Search Engine Marketing  (SEM)

This form of marketing technique is aimed at increasing a web’s traffic in the major search engines. In this type of advertising, a company will prefer to display their ad on a popular website or a website that is known for having many visitors. This is also known as PPC advertising. It is important to note that SEO is a subset of SEM. Search engine marketing can be used by anyone whether a web owner of a company. Web owners make use of search engine marketing to help improve the ranking of their web pages so that companies can identify them and sponsor their ads on their pages. On the other hand, most companies make use of SEM to gather information on whether they are displaying their ads on the right web pages. They also use it to attempt to find out whether their own company website is performing well amongst the search engine results pages otherwise known as SERPs.

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