Best Practices For eCommerce Websites

eCommerce is an essential part of business in the 21st century. Although ERP software systems offers solutions for managing your eCommerce activities, the success of your website also depends on its setup. Is your website attracting or repelling potential customers? Use these essential eCommerce website best practices to get yourself up to speed.

Best Practices For eCommerce Websites

Prominent Images: Images capture the visitor’s attention in a way that text can’t. Images are the first page elements that your visitor will notice. Use prominent images that showcase your product or service in a flattering way.

Obvious Call to Action: Whether you want your customer to order a free trial, sign up for a newsletter, or call for a free quote, the call to action should be obvious and easily visible.

Trust badges: In the anonymous world of the internet, trust is a priceless commodity. Trust badges from organizations like the Better Business Bureau, TRUSTe, McAfee let visitors know that your site and business are legit.

Reviews and testimonials: Sure you have a lot to say about your company, but allowing others to do the talking for you is very powerful. Post reviews and testimonials to your website so that potential customers know what they have to look forward to.

The success or failure of an online business largely depends on the set up of the business’ website. Use these best practices to take a big step in the direction of online success.

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