The best alternatives to Wix site builder

Wix is rated as top best flash web building platform available online. However, there are other best website builders which can make things better than Wix with easy to use interface developed on SaaS technology. Here are the top best alternatives to Wix site builder.

SquareSpace:  Unique CMS software, which possesses a user-friendly interface, along with site hosting. It enables users in controlling better functionality and support, thus leaving the user to be free for creating quality contents. This website builder has managed to create a simple and secure product that can be used for different business purpose and social medial, without any hassle. SEO optimization software and comprehensive site development. Wide range of templates, active social media integrated platform and mobile device optimization. It offers unlimited navigation level exclusively for the premium accounts.

squarespace free website creator

Weebly: Website creation and hosting platform, currently reported to support millions of users. It does cater to the requirements of small business establishments and personal sites. The various features of Weebly are : Drag & drop layout editor, huge range of multimedia and design elements, plenty of theme templates to select from, no issues on plug-in compatibility, fabulous built-in video player, no surcharges or bandwidth limit, and much more.

weebly free website creator


IM Creator: IM Creator provides the right tools to achieve user’s objectives easily, effectively, quickly and efficiently. It is one of the best website builders for professionals, HTML illiterate and not so called geeks. IM creator avails wide range of templates and stock images categorized on different verticals. It allows both free and premium versions with usage feasibility, accordingly.

imcreator free website creator

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