How to Automatically Mute Audio in Inactive Tabs in Chrome

Let’s say if you opened 3 or 4 or more tabs and suddenly an audio or YouTube video is playing, you need to figure out it in which tab and then pausing. Its some what difficult.

In this scenario a Chrome extension will help you to get rid of this. Mute Inactive Tabs, will help you to quickly mute sound playing in all inactive tabs with a single click.

This doesn’t work great if you run music or podcasts or whatever in the background also it doesn’t work if you open multiple Chrome windows.

mute inactive tabs chrome

How it is possible? Simply read on.

Automatically Mute Audio in Inactive Tabs in Chrome

Step 1: Goto Chrome Web store and install Mute Inactive Tabs.

Step 2: Click Add to Chrome. When you see the pop-up confirming the install, click Yes.

Step 3: You are done, Check it out by opening two youtube videos.

The extension will automatically resume the audio of your muted tab as soon as you click on it and view it as your active tab.


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