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Automatically Clear Browsing History and Private Datas When You Close Your Browser - Digital Advices

Automatically Clear Browsing History and Private Datas When You Close Your Browser

All Web browsers store some information or data about the sites you visited from your computer. These data’s include website cookies, cache, your searches, site preferences and some images etc. If you are using a single user computer then these data’s doesn’t matter, otherwise this will reveal your browsing habits.

One of the benefits of a browsing history is that it allows the browser to store information on your computer’s hard drive about the pages you visited. When you next visit one of the pages, your browser can compare the version of the page on the Internet to the version stored on your computer and download only the parts that have changed. This improves the speed at which pages load in your web browser.

Better solution is configure your Web browser to delete your history and cookies automatically when the browser is closed. Here is the step by step tutorial, please follow.

Google Chrome

In chrome you can only clear site cookies automatically when you exit, if you would like to clear all browsing data’s it’s better to use an extension to perform this task.

1. Go to Chrome Settings page and select Show Advanced Settings… linkclear chrome cookies automatically

2. Click on Content Settings under Privacy.

3. Under Cookies, select “Keep local data only until I quit my browser” and click OKclear chrome cookies when exit

In Chrome you can only clear cookies by default when you close browser. If you want to clear all your private data when you close Chrome, install the Click&Clean extension from the Chrome Web Store.

1. After installation, click on Click&Clean extension icon in the top right corner and click on Options.cookie cleaner extension for chrome

2. Enable the “Delete private data when Chrome closes” option under Extra. You can control which types of data will be automatically deleted using the options in this cookie cleaner

Mozilla Firefox

In Firefox you don’t need any extensions to automatically clear all browsing data including site cookies, preferences etc. To get follow the below steps.

1. Open Firefox menu and select Options.clear firefox private data

2. Select the Privacy tab and choose “Use custom settings for history” Enable the “Clear history when Firefox closes” check box.clear firefox private data

3. To control which types of private data Firefox automatically clears, click the Settings button and choose the types of private date you don’t want.clear firefox private data

4. Click OK

Note : Clearing cache files will cause websites to load more slowly after you restart your browser.

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