5 Best TeraCopy Alternatives(file copier programs)

Windows default file copier programs has certain limitations because of which file transfer takes a lot of time. Sometimes system will regularly freeze up while moving large number of files between disks. The default file copier in Windows doesn’t provide a pause button.

Hence, applications like Teracopy are being used by many of the people. Teracopy copies and transfers files at a faster rate. It also checks for errors by calculating CRC checksum values and displays a lot of information about the files being transferred.However; if you are the one looking for similar software like teracopy or alternatives to teracopy. Ease your file copying frustrations with these five alternative copiers.

 Best TeraCopy Alternatives

1. Ultra Copier
Ultracopier is a modern and yet cinch to use portable application designed to enable users to copy or move files and folders with a few clicks. This tool was developed to offer limitation, error/collision management, translation and many more interesting features. Available in many languages & as a portable version.

SuperCopier features:

  • Pause and resume file copy/move operation
  • Configure default destination for file copy/move operations
  • Limit speed of the operation
  • Set default action to take when file collision occurs, i.e. when SuperCopier finds files with the same name
  • Set rules for file renaming (when collision occurs)
  • Copy or do not copy file attributes and file security settings
  • Set buffer size
  • Edit file queue
  • Save file queue for later

2. Copyhandler
Copyhandler is a free and open source software that helps you to have full control over the copy and move operations. The application has multilanguage support and is compatible with Windows operating system. It is highly customizable and integrates with the operating system. The application provides many advanced options like task queuing, filtering files according to a specific criteria, pause and resume the file copying operations, changing the copying parameters. The application provides users with more than 60 detailed options and helps in accelerating the entire process of copying files.

3. NiceCopier

NiceCopier, true to its name, nicely integrates with the OS, makes quick work of copying files and folders. The copying operations can be paused and resumed as required.You can add multiple tasks to the task list for more granular control. NiceCopier runs in the system tray, and has a few settings that can be tinkered with. You can specify default operation (e.g. replace, overwrite) if the files to be copied are already present, as well as delay copy operations. Other features include check-sum based file verification after copying, as well as automatic shutdown after the tasks are done.

4. Robo Copy

Robocopy is a command-line directory replication command. It has been available as part of the Windows Resource Kit starting with Windows NT 4.0, and was brought in as a standard feature of Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2998.

  • It contains the following additional features as well:
  • Ability to tolerate network interruptions and resume copying.
  • Ability to copy file data and attributes correctly, and to preserve original timestamps, as well as NTFS ACLs, owner information, and audit information using command line switches.
  • Ability to skip files that already appear in the destination folder with identical size and timestamp. And many others.

5. FastCopy
FastCopy offers quite a handful of features that make it one of the best file copying software available. FastCopy lets you copy/move files between specified source/destination directories, and automatically chooses one of the two available modes (Diff HDD/Same HDD), based on whether the source and destination folders reside on the same disks, or different ones. It also has numerous usage modes, such as Diff (Size/date), which copies files if their date and time stamps are different, and Copy (Overwrite), which always copies and overwrites files to the destination. It lets you specify the size of the buffer for the read/write operations, and even adjust the copy/move speeds. Other goodies include verification of copied files, shell integration with custom context menu entries, and auto shutdown/hibernation of system once all the specified operations are done.

The above are some of the best applications (teracopy alternatives) which will help you in copying the files or transferring them easily. If we have missed out any of the alternatives to teracopy or file copying programs, please let me know via comments.



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  1. One name which I consider is worth getting a place in the above list is “GS RichCopy 360”. As the tool contains all the features listed above and it is best of its kind. In addition to that there are many other features which make the task of data transferring, migration, large data backup, etc. easier than ever. You will surely abandon the traditional copy/paste operation of yesteryear. Must give it a try. Hope this will help.

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