5 Best SEO Tool For 2015

Regardless how much effort you take in order to optimize your website, blog or a blog post to Search Engines, quite importantly Google, it is an inevitable task to keep track of all SEO statistics of your website or blog. Of course, you’ll not be able to check performance manually and that is why talented developers, in association with experienced and talented internet marketing professionals, have brought some of superb SEO statistics checking tools for us to use! If you are ready to provide URL of website you want to find statistics of, these tools can let you explore various aspects of Search Engine Optimization of your website or blog. Now, we shall have a look on noteworthy SEO statistics tool, which will definitely help your life as an internet marketer or blogger. So, shall we move on?


  1. Moz

Moz is a one-stop solution for every internet marketer, blogger or other web-based professional to analyze one site or blog when he or she has decided to find various aspects of the site from Search Engine Optimization point of view.  Talking of Moz, it is not limited to any section of SEO but lets you explore a lot such as backlinks a site/blog has from various parts of World Wide Web, how well the performance of your website is in social media websites, reputation of your brand etc. At the same time, Moz can tell you about the quality and analysis of content you have published in your website, how much traffic you are receive from different parts of globe and where they come from. Altogether, Moz is a comprehensive tool that has almost everything to satisfy an internet marketer.

  1. SEOPoints

When situation forces you to have information about a website without spending that much time, SEOPoints will be quite helpful to you, because the site can bring you details such as page rank of your site, Domain Authority as well as Page Authority, total number of backlinks the site has, social shares it has gained so far, Alexa rank and a graph that shows the variation in Alexa rank, top keywords that contribute to the traffic of site etc. In single page, you will be able to know a lot about current situation of a website or blog, given that you prefer things in brief manner.

  1. KISSMetrics

KISSMetrics is a great tool when you are thinking about analyzing your own audience and taking decision as to create a profitable change! As the tool itself says, you will be able to use KISSMetrics to learn the science of marketing by the art of analyzing your audience. Of course, you have a lot of features that can really help you get the maximum out of these marketing tasks and KISSMetrics offers a free trial, using which you can really experience the tool and then to choose whether to go for the actual version. Obviously, if you believe in the notion that analyzing your audience is the key to effective marketing, never go wrong, go for KISSMetrics

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a website that helps you know more about backlinks that keep your website in top in SERPs, although a bit partially! Using this site, you will be able to know backlinks you actually have, sources of these backlinks as well as other categorizations that are made in the case of backlinks. Altogether, Ahrefs is something great as far as you are looking forward to go deep into the art of analyzing backlinks.

  1. SimilarWeb

Here comes SimilarWeb — last but not least, though! Using SimilarWeb, you can explore various aspect of the traffic your site receives every day. Rather than using it for analyzing your own traffic, we would prefer you to use it to know more about your competitor’s traffic details and take necessary actions to dominate the field. It’s all of traffic — simple as that!

Well, what do you think of these tools? We are eager to know!

Author Bio: Abhijith writes about technology, social media, blogger at www.beebom.com, a site that covers anything that’s worth covering about tech.

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