Wagering requirements and online slot bonuses

These days the slots industry is almost unrecognizable from what it was during the 20th century, and that is pretty much completely because of the ludicrous impact that online slots have had on the industry over the last two decades. Whilst it is a complete and utter lie to say that slots weren’t popular during the 20th century, their popularity skyrocketed by an exponential amount with the emergence of online slots with free daily spins in the early 21st century, something that you just cannot argue against. 

One of the main symptoms of the competitiveness of the new modern online slots market is the fact that online casino sites now pretty much have to offer some pretty extensive deposit offers in order to attract new gamblers. This is great news for us reel spinners, as it basically gives us a chance to get some essentially free money. There are a few things to look out for here, however, so read on for a lowdown on wagering requirements and online slot bonuses. 

Online casino deposit bonuses and wagering requirements 

For those of us that don’t know what online casino deposit bonuses are let’s just take a minute to give a lowdown. Due to the intensely competitive nature of the industry online casino sites are obliged to offer some kind of bonus in exchange for depositing with them, and this is the main why they attract new customers. 

Unfortunately it isn’t quite as simple as that, however, as gamblers have to satisfy a set of wagering requirements in order to qualify for whatever has been offered in the bonus. Read on to find out what a wager requirement is.

What is a slot wager requirement? 

A slot wager requirement isn’t the hardest thing to understand, as it is quite literally a wager requirement that you have to satisfy if you want to get your hands on the online casino deposit bonus that has been offered. So to clarify, gamblers have to satisfy a minimum stake or wager amount in order to actually be given the online casino bonus. 

It is therefore very important that you read the small print associated with the online casino deposit bonus, because you could find yourself accidentally making yourself ineligible for the prize. 

How do I work out a slot wager requirement? 

The next thing to learn about is how gamblers are meant to work out the slot wager requirement. First off, as we mentioned already, you must read the small-print carefully in order to ascertain the rules. In most cases the wager requirement is given as a multiplier that corresponds to the amount of money being offered as a bonus. 

For example, a casino bonus might be £100, however in order to unlock it you have to stake 4 times as much of your own money first. 

Why do slot wager requirements exist? 

Slot wager requirements exist for a variety of reasons, however the main ones are to combat organised crime and money laundering, and also to make sure that the online casino sites aren’t losing too much money.

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