Try New Google App Launcher Button Right Now on your Home Page

Google testing their home page by removing top black navigation bar with an App icon on the right side. Its a new experiment so it’s not available for all the users. Its giving a new minimalistic interface to the home page.

get new google app launcher in home page

As you see in the above image, there is a grid icon on the right side and when you click on the icon a pop-up will appear with  some Google services such as Google+, Maps, Play Store, YouTube, News, Gmail, Drive  Calendar and a link to other google services.

Please keep this in your mind, this experiment is only available at and only for the English interface. A quick way to switch to the English/US interface is to visit and follow the below instructions.

For Chrome Users

  • Install Edit this Cookie extension.
  • Open in a new tab.
  • Click the “Edit This Cookie” button on top right.
  • Find a tab name NID and click on it.
  • Replace the value in the text box with the below
  • Finally Click “Submit Cookie Changes“.

For Firefox Users

  • Install Cookies Manager+ and restart your browser.
  • Open in a new tab.
  • Click the Firefox Menu, select Web DeveloperCookies Manager+  find the “NID” value for, select it and click “Edit” – replace the content with the NID cookie value (see below), then click “Save” and “Close”
  • Refresh Google home page.

For Opera Users

  • Open in a new tab.
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and select “Edit site preferences” and goto “Cookies” tab.
  • Find the cookie value that starts with “NID“, select it and click “Edit”
  • Replace the value in the text box with the below
  • Refresh Google home page.

Try yourself and comment here which one you like.

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