TinyOwl is an online food ordering and delivery mobile application designed for Androids and available on Google playstore for free.  It has been developed by TinyOwl Technologies Pvt Ltd- a small Mumbai based enterprise which has now proceeded to expand itself to  serve consumers in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon.
Simple functioning and backed by a smart concept, this app is rapidly gaining nationwide popularity and recognition from students and others alike. Read on to find out why…

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When you’re hungry and can think of nothing else, then the last thing you need is to make a call, decide your order, place it and finally find out that the restaurant your communicating with doesn’t deliver at your doorstep. That is where TinyOwl app comes in. This little fellow can take away all your problems- with a single tap!

Despite having extreme competition in the markets of app development, this one has managed to establish itself with a distinction and a brand value- this is rather unique and rare, especially in a market which is just so versatile and ever changing.


“Why is special in that?” Well, this app is one of a kind because of a unique feature built in this app:

The enlisted food providers are all filtered in a very simple way- the location and availability of the eateries is received from around where the device’s location is. So the nearest restaurants who’ll offer home delivery will automatically get enlisted and the available options will automatically get sieved and you’ll have a refined list to choose from.

It specifies the user reviews, the aggregate punctuality and the minimum price of the order you must make in order for the provider to make a delivery to you. This enables the user to get a better perspective of where to order from and which food joints to altogether avoid.

Another special feature of the app is that it offers multiple payment options- you can pay by debit cards, credit cards or go the conventional way and opt for COD ( Cash on Delivery )

These three put in place, the procedure then becomes very easy and fast. All you need to decide is where you want your food from and what exactly you want delivered- and that’s it!


Correct, this is a smart app- by this I mean that every order you make is recorded and put into your recorded history- this enables the app to understand your preferences as a consumer better and thereby further personalize your options of available food joints, and give you more relevant options to choose from.

Efficient, Time saving, User friendly and very easy to deal with on your phone, this app combines the proficiency of a phone call, the budgeting of a pamphlet and the ease of a website into a fantastic blend. According to me, this one is not to be missed- download it now and find out for yourself!

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