Three Reasons You Need to Have Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is a rapidly growing problem, and this has led to a rapidly growing service to protect you from identity theft. There are many companies offering a variety of services in the area of identity theft, but there are certain services that form a common core. These services address the fundamental needs an individual has to protect their identity and are three reasons you need to consider subscribing to these services.

Alerts for illegal activity in your name
When there is suspicious activity involving your name, an alert can be sent to you. Knowing that someone may be up to no good is the first step in stopping identity theft. These alerts can be sent by email or a text message to your phone, but whatever method you prefer, they will always be timely. An identity theft protection service can monitor a wide range of activity. This can include credit card usage, but it can also include your credit report and applications for loans and credit cards under your name. Having an alert service can save you a lot of time, but it can also provide alerts to activity that you would not be able to do yourself even if you had the time. An example of this is monitoring criminal websites where consumer information is bought, sold and traded.

Assistance in recovering from identity theft
Even when you have a great monitoring service, you will need to know what steps to take to stop the theft in its tracks, and then repair any remaining damage to your finances. When you subscribe to an identity theft protection service, they will likely offer assistance in this area. Keep in mind that simply using an identity theft protection service will greatly reduce the chances of having your identity stolen, so some of the assistance will take the form of a guarantee for this service. This guarantee can take the form of both monetary and legal assistance in recovering from identity theft. However, one area of assistance that will help to prevent identity theft is when your wallet is stolen. An identity theft protection service company will often help you contact all of the appropriate companies and government agencies about lost items.

A wide range of information can be protected
Although people often think of protecting their credit cards, identity theft includes a much wider range of information. One big problem is with social security numbers. An identity theft protection service will be able to monitor your social security number for improper use. Other pieces of information include your address and phone number and other types of basic data that may be available in public records. This includes your driver’s license, which is a big part of identity theft. Any medical insurance that you may have can be monitored as well.

Because there are several companies that offer identity theft protection services, you need to take your time and compare what each of them has to offer. There may be a service that you need that is not offered as a standard service by every company. There are also different levels of service offered by the same company. Each service bundle will offer different levels of service depending upon the price of the package. You can click here to compare different services offered to consumers by different companies.

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