THL 5000 Smartphone is an Excellent Choice for Users Looking for Value for Money

Several reviewers these days are promoting smartphones from companies such as THL because of the features that they offer. Of course, these are not companies that dominate the smartphone market and are therefore considered risky purchases by a lot of people. However, those who have used these phones and have experienced the features that they offer tell an entirely different story. It is not news that the top guns in the smartphone market, namely Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and the likes, get to charge outrageous amounts for the phones that you buy from them simply because of their brand names. One way of avoiding paying this extra money is to not rely on brands but on the features. Here is how the THL 5000 tops the list on that front.

Exceptional RAM

Given the low price of the phone, you expect either a 768 MB RAM or at most a 1GB RAM. But the THL 5000 offers you with two gigabytes or RAM and 16 gigabytes of ROM. As you very well know, the android operating system is expanding fast and every time you buy a new phone, you realize that the configurations are increasing. One of the problems that this poses to smartphone users is that just a few months after you purchase your smartphone, it goes out of date and before you know it, there will be several applications that you can no longer install on your smartphone. Therefore, we always suggest that memory and processing speed are things that you cannot have enough of. The more you buy them, the better. Coming to the THL 5000, the high ram and ROM means that you can upgrade this phone to latest subsequent versions of android for years to come and this means your phone is very durable from the software perspective.

We checked out several more phones from THL itself and from other similar brands, but this product has the best to offer in terms of memory.

Octa Core Processor

For that price range, you would be lucky to get a quad core processor if you opt for a Samsung. But the THL 5000 offers twice the number of cores for half the price. anocta core processor is future technology. It is something that the world would take at least two more years to completely embrace. By buying the THL 5000, you will have the future in your hands and would experience blinding processing speed for at least the next few years.


There are several other similar features of the THL 5000 that make it unique. These include the GPS, the body, the screen size, the screen resolution and the movement, gravity, and proximity sensors. However, you can check them out and buy THL 5000 at $269.99 from all the websites that offer the product for sale, we found this to be the lowest price, and the website, as you know, is a very reliable source for buying electronics.

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