technology with no borders

Technology Has No Borders

Technology has no geographical boundaries; wherever it is developed it is applicable worldwide. The communication between technologists and the potential clients for their products is critical. It needs to be in a language so that a typical CEO can understand what can be achieved to improve business efficiency and what the costs involved are. A specialist working on an international basis is the person who can really help.

technology with no borders

Emerging issues

Emerging economies have had a problem recently because of the drop in worldwide demand for goods and services. The problem has often been reflected in their currencies weakening in relation to the more popular international havens of the dollar, euro and pound. For example, in India business had been developing strongly. During the lull in the last few years there have actually been tremendous advances in technology. Every company that wants to compete on a national or world stage needs to be certain that it is taking advantage of the IT support that can make them more efficient.

Balancing technology with business goals

It is a balancing act. A weak currency can provide better export opportunities but it may also mean higher component costs and inflation. Those are things that a business may not have much control over. What any business does have is the opportunity to talk to experts that can provide the latest in IT to ensure internal systems are in tune with the things the business is aiming to achieve.

Desktop virtualisation is a way to use software for the benefit of the business. The use of data by every authorised employee is essential if the company is to perform to its potential. The data must be stored in such a way that it is accessible yet entirely secure. Some people will be accessing the data via their mobile devices. There is no harm if that device is lost or stolen; the data is still secure. It is merely a matter of the user accessing it from a different device using the authorised login procedure.

Mobile security without restrictions

All the data can remain within the data centre with access set up as the company requires. This means that employees can be mobile; they need never be tied to a geographical location to work effectively. There are obviously benefits in setting up in this way in a country where there are many large urban centres across the country and beyond in the case of a company that crosses national boundaries.

Much depends upon finding a specialist that can explain how things can work in simple terms. Not everyone can grasp the detail of the technology but they can generally grasp what the technology can achieve if it is laid out in simple terms. The secret of a successful specialist is the ability to do this whilst working in an ever changing environment.

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