Survive College with These 7 Apps

College is an exciting time for new and returning students, but having time to do it all can be tough. Between homework, jobs, social activities, and getting to know classmates, there might not be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. However, new apps can help you survive and succeed throughout your college experience.


College textbooks are expensive, but Chegg can help. This free app provides a way for you to rent digital versions of your textbooks for a much cheaper price than buying even a used copy. The search feature allows users to find books by title, ISBN, or author. If you need a workbook, Chegg also has a mobile store. Once you rent a textbook, you can view the mobile version on the app or website.



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Keeping track of notes, assignments, and appointments is tough when you are in college, but Evernote has got you covered. You can download the app for just about any platform or operating system, then sign in with one account to sync your notes across all of your devices. You can also log in from the web-based version of the program. Whether you are studying chemistry, engineering, or nursing informatics you’ll stay connected, be organized, and ready to study anywhere with all your important notes in one place.


This app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, allows students to keep track of assignments and grades. The award-winning app also provides a space to input your class schedule, so you always know where you need to be at any time. You can make changes to your upcoming assignments on your phone or tablet, then log in on your computer to view the synced changes. The app costs $3 for mobile devices and $10 for Macs, but test it before you buy it with the lite version available in the App Store.


Most college students have to take at least a few semesters of a foreign language, and Duolingo is a useful app for these courses. It is free and is a great complement to your textbook, offering audio translations and interactive games to help you learn and understand French, Spanish, German, Italian, or Portugese.


College students who are just starting out on their own may not have the best budgeting or money management skills. Mint is a free finance management app that allows you to sync your credit card and bank account information into one central location. Then Mint will send you an email when you have a bill coming up or a credit card payment due in the next few days. You can also view all of your transactions split up by category to figure out where you are spending most of your income.


In this digital age, you probably rely heavily on technology to get homework and assignments done. Problems arise when you browse the internet for answers and get distracted by the entertainment that is readily available online. SelfControl is an app available for Mac that allows you to add sites to your “black list” so you won’t be able to visit them during a set amount of time when you are working on an assignment. You won’t be able to access the sites, even if you restart your computer or get rid of the app.


If you get a handout or syllabus in one of your classes, you might stick it in your backpack and forget about it, at least until you need it again. Instead of rummaging through crumpled papers, use Snap2PDF, an app that allows you to take a picture of any page and convert it into a PDF. This allows you to store digital copies of all of the sheets of paper you might get, or you can also use it to take pictures of important pages in your textbooks and save them for easier viewing.
As you prepare for the semester, use technology to your advantage. Make sure to download and use these apps to help you succeed in school.

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