Social Media Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: Which Is Better?

It is easy to discount the traditional methods of marketing when faced with a daily onslaught of emails inviting you to take advantage of social media marketing and pay per click advertising campaigns. But in reality, there are many arguments for and against both strategies and the majority of businesses find a sweet spot somewhere in the middle. So what are the key benefits of traditional and social media marketing for small businesses?


The Power of Social Media

Social media marketing offers a number of benefits to small business, but the main one in the current digital age is exposure. Thanks to the power of social media, it is now possible to reach a global audience by way of Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms. Research shows that social media generates more business than other mediums, so small businesses can’t afford to ignore social media if they want to increase their brand and attract new customers.

Marketing a business on social media can help a business to build a brand. Social networking sites are huge online communities and it is very easy to increase brand awareness through online sharing and search facilities offered by social media. Businesses with Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts can interact with their customers and build better relationships with them – it is a lot harder to do this with many other types of marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Despite the popularity of social media and other, newer, types of marketing, the traditional ways of reaching new customers and building a brand are not dead and buried just yet. Newsletters and flyers, radio shows, billboards and TV slots can really work for some businesses.

Traditional marketing strategies tend to be more successful for businesses with a good awareness of their customer base. One example would be a small-town business – in this instance, customers are likely to be local, so sending out a flyer advertising the latest special offers and new products is good way of boosting sales. Traditional marketing is more face-to-face than online marketing. People often respond well to this type of marketing as they can meet the person selling the product or service.

On the downside, traditional marketing techniques can be more expensive – it costs nothing to set up a Facebook page or Twitter account, whereas it costs a great deal to produce custom feather flags and renting sidewalk space to advertise your business, television advertisement or series of billboards. Of course not all traditional forms of marketing are prohibitively expensive. Small businesses on a small budget can look into newsletters or booklet printing by and enjoy a boost in sales as a result.

Which Is Better?

For most businesses, the best strategy is to take advantage of both forms of marketing. You can’t afford to ignore social media and online marketing or you will almost certainly be left behind, but traditional marketing techniques such as leaflets and printed brochures can be just as effective in many instances, so don’t ignore these either. Ultimately, it is essential that you find the right balance in accordance with your budget. If you get it right, the rewards will be well worth the effort invested.

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