Social Media For The Good Of Mankind

Everyone has heard of the person who ruined their career for going crazy on social media. Social media is a powerful tool that can be used for negative and used for extreme positive depending on whose hands it is in. There have been a great amount of causes helped via social media, the mostly notable was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that took social media by storm. There are so many causes that people should know about and issues past as well as present that people should know about that social media is the perfect medium to inform them on this.

Identify Your Cause


For the sake of an example, the Japan comfort women will be the cause that we use at our example for this article. These women were used and kept in sexual slavery in government backed brothels. This is a cause that needs to garner attention as these women are dying and their stories are dying with them. A great way to spread awareness is to share a story of one of these women on Facebook. You can sponsor this article and have more people see and engage with it until it is trending on Facebook garnering even more attention than before.

Engage, Don’t Preach

Many people who use social media to spread the word of something make this fatal mistake. Although the cause of the comfort women is a great one, if the supporters of these women preach they could end up losing support. People are more likely to share if there is a call to action and the content they view engages with them instead of just asks them to do something. Having questions and live interviews in which Twitter users can talk to somebody directly and have their questions answered is a great way to garner supporters in the long run.

What Platforms To Use

Using a myriad of different platforms of social media is one of the more important things that you can do when spreading the word of a social cause. Pinterest could be used to share quotes or pictures of the comfort women. A great PR move would be for your company to start an initiative via LinkedIn so you will be winning on multiple fronts. Sponsoring Facebook ads and promoting the article that supports your cause. Twitter would be a great way to spread the awareness because having something trend on Twitter is a snowball effect. With all of these platforms, getting somebody who might have a large number of followers to retweet, share, etc. can help spread your message at an alarming rate.

As you can see, there is no perfect formula to garnering support for a cause via social media. If your cause is a worthy one then getting your message out should not be as difficult as one might think. Having a cause in which the victims or people do not have a voice of their own is great as you can spread the message of people who need it the most.

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