How To Set Up A VoIP Phone System

VoIP phones are trending now because of new technology, which offers new opportunity in voice communications. Phone and conference calls are a staple of today?s business world, but there are innovative ways to use these services at a lower cost. This solution is the VoIP phone system, which allows users to make calls via the Internet.

Sound complicated? It?s not! There are several leading VoIP providers that can set you up in no time or you can do it yourself with these easy steps. All you need to get started is the correct VoiP equipment for your home or office. Based on your needs, you can select the correct equipment for you!

VoIP Phones for Your Needs

You can find a variety of equipment options depending on your personal or business needs.

For example, if you are in a large company, you may need a phone for conference calls while customer service centers might need phones with headpieces. VoIP with basic features are a good fit for small businesses because they are low cost and do not extra features that may not be needed.

VoIP Equipment

To set-up a VoIP system, you will need an Internet connection and a softphone, PC, or VoIP telephone. Below is a list of some common VoIP phone parts that you may need.

  • VoIP Gateway

  • Headset

  • AC and Line Surge Protection

  • Message and Music on Hold System

  • Loud Ringers

  • Battery Backup Units

  • Answering Machines

  • Fax Machines

  • Door and Gate Phones

  • Paging Equipment

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