What Are My Options When it Comes to Time Clocks?

Time clocks have long been used to help companies keep track of the amount of time that hourly paid employees spend working. While not all companies use time clocks, they offer many advantages over other timekeeping methods. Here is a look at some of the different types of time clocks available.

Punch Card Clocks
Punch card time clocks use a paper card that the clock physically stamps when an employee clocks in and out of work. While punch card clocks provide a very reliable way to track employee’s time, because there are no electronic controls in place, it is very easy for one employee to “punch” in for another one. In addition, payroll processing requires someone with the ability to transcribe the time stamps on the cards to determine the appropriate amount of pay. This makes punch card clocks one of the more expensive options to operate.
Badges and Pins
Newer timeclock options rely on the use of a magstripe reader or a bar code scanner to allow employees to “badge” in and out. Another variation is a pin code clock that requires an employee to key in a unique PIN code to clock in. These systems are not only a bit more personal than punch cards in that they require the employee to be physically present to clock in, they are also easier to manage when it comes to time process payroll. The reason for this is that all of the clock data is uploaded into a central computer. Reports can be compiled and run in order to process payroll more quickly than with punch card clocks. There is also less chance of a clerical error using this method.
Biometric Time Clock Systems
Biometric time clocks rely on the use of fingerprints, retina scans or facial recognition software to identify and record work time for employees. They are the hardest to defraud however they are also generally the most expensive when it comes to the cost of acquisition as well as maintenance. The main benefit that biometric clocks provide is the ability to record time as well as control access to specific areas of the campus.

And these are just a few examples of quality employee time clock solutions for your business. Using a time clock in your business eliminates disputes over hours worked and helps ensure that resources are scheduled appropriately.

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